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Eastbound Erie Canal Tour
to this regional tour of 18 miles and four villages along the Erie Canal. This Web Guide is presented by the Western Erie Canal Alliance and the Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor Commission for walking, hiking, biking, boating, and driving along a stretch of North America’s most successful manmade waterway--visiting Palmyra, Macedon, Newark, and Lyons in western New York. Here you can walk around and over locks on a working canal, stand between canals of two different eras, understand how mules moved America, step on abandoned locks, view four churches at one intersection, explore a canal dry dock, marvel at cobblestone architecture, enjoy the Widewaters, learn of America’s ‘burned over district,’ gaze at drumlins, see where Mormonism started, and visit many more historic places.

Macedon to Lyons Erie Canal Tour
The Erie Canal
The Erie Canal has been in continuous operation here since the canal opened between Rochester and Little Falls in 1822. At that time it was derisively called “Clinton’s Ditch,” a term used fondly today. A dramatic country-altering success, the canal was widened into the “Enlarged Erie” starting in 1835 and then widened again between 1905 and 1918 to accommodate self-powered vessels and barges. While these routes differed elsewhere across the state, here they roughly follow the same path. This tour passes the many significant structures of today’s canal, occasional remnants of Clinton’s Ditch, and numerous historic sites of the Enlarged Erie. Also welcoming you will be the now historic communities that developed along this grand waterway.

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Enjoy the Erie Canal!



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